Hometown Escapes

All Escape Rooms are Private

What if?

I want to

Book a Private Room

No problem!

All our rooms are always private. Your group will be the only people in the room during your game.

We want to

Pay Separately

You can!

You need to book for at least 2 people, and then just answer the question "How many people will pay upon arrival?" in the booking process. We will take care of the rest of the payments when you get here!

We want the

Party Room & Escape Room together

We will take care of it!

Book the party room as close to your reservation time as possible, and answer the question "Do you want the room Before or After your Escape room?", and we will adjust the time manually for you!

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Sign our Waivers Now

We want that too!

The Person that books the room will receive an email with a link to the waivers. Simply forward that email or link to all participant and they can all sign before your arrival. A new waiver needs to be completed for each visit to Hometown Escapes!
Sign Waiver

I want a

Multi-Chamber Escape Room

We understand!

That is why many of our rooms are multi-chamber games, but unfortunately we do not share which ones are and which ones are not. This is a part of the game, and we do not want to ruin any of our in-game surprises.

What is an Escape Room?

First and foremost…it’s great family entertainment!

Escape Room games are sweeping the nation. You and your team follow a story to reach an objective. This all-new form of reality entertainment is where teams of 2-10 players must use and manipulate their surroundings to achieve a goal within a set amount of time. Wildly popular across the United States, these themed spaces utilize a series of clues and puzzles to thrill and challenge participants as they work together to ‘win’ before time runs out.

Can You Escape?

Choose one of eight experiences!

Players have 60 minutes to work together to solve clues, uncover hidden messages, and achieve goals. The puzzles—and their answers—are all located in the rooms themselves, and players must use their eyes, ears, brains and each other to decode their clues and reach the finish line. Players don’t need to know anything about the history of the Titanic, the inner workings of a jailhouse, Blackbeard’s history, be a professional detective, be a cold war historian or an expert in the old west to play the games, and children of all ages are welcome. However, games and puzzles can be played and solved by children as young as 10!