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Escape Room games are sweeping the nation. You and your team follow a story to reach an objective. This all-new form of reality entertainment is where teams of 2-10 players must use and manipulate their surroundings to achieve a goal within a set amount of time. Wildly popular across the United States, these themed spaces utilize a series of clues and puzzles to thrill and challenge participants as they work together to ‘win’ before time runs out.

This immersive environment challenges and delights players of all ages. Hometown Escapes is a private room escape game. Where most escape games allow up to 8-10 players with people reserving the room until all slots are taken; at Hometown Escapes we close the game when you book your adventure. This means if you have 2 people (even though we allow up to 8) your group will play with 2 people (No strangers in your room). This is a great night out for families, friends, girls’ night, guys’ night, date night, birthdays or whatever.

The difficulty level is based on the opinions of some of our players and staff. You may find the room more difficult or easier depending on your teams strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, please email us at with the details and desired booking times and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs!

The level of difficulty varies from room to room and clue to clue. Our rooms are designed to be pretty challenging. However, they are not scary or inappropriate. Children from ages 8-15 are encouraged to participate but must be accompanied by an adult. All participants under the age of 18 will have to have a waiver signed by their parents. Children 7 and under are free.

The cost will be $25 per participant. Payment is due at the time of booking. There are alternative payment methods for groups, please look at the info button on the booking page for more payment information.

Our rooms are designed to test your team work skills and mental agility. Some rooms may require you to dip, duck or step over certain things but no heavy lifting or sweating is required.

No, we are not trying to frighten you. Our story lines are designed to challenge you, not scare you.

No, all of our clues can be solved from clues found within the room. However, you will have to depend on the help of your teammates and problem solving skills to escape.

It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time for a room briefing. You will be in the room for 60 min.

Yes, our minimum is 2 to book a room. Unlike most escape rooms, we offer private room experiences and reserve your room for only your group of 2; up to the room capacity. You will not play with strangers unless you bring them along.

Yes! What do you give someone with everything? An experience they have never forget!

Unfortunately, this building was built in the 1960s and are not handicap accessible at this time.

Yes, we recommend arriving 15 minutes early.

This is an appointment based business. However, if we are on site and have availability we will not turn you away.

Once you have selected your room, there will be an option to enter a promotion code at the top of the booking page. Please enter the approved code, and the pricing is automatically adjusted.

No. Due to safety precautions, you will never be locked in a room. Your group will have 60 minutes to achieve certain objectives in the room. If you need to leave the room for any reason you can, but the clock does not stop.

Yes, you may try the room again whether you escaped or not. However, only your first visit will qualify for our leaderboard.

Yes, just go online and reserve 2 rooms with corresponding time (2 and 2:30; 3:30 and 4 etc..) Then call us at 803 -398-3988 and let us know your group wants to play the rooms at the same time and we will staff to accommodate your request.