Increase Productivity of Your Team

Groups work together to solve problems and progress through the puzzle room. Each game is mentally stimulating, fun and does not require any physical exertion; making Hometown Escapes the safe choice for all types of employees and groups.

Escape Rooms are a great venue for corporate team building!

It only takes 60 minutes to break down barriers and bring people together. Hometown Escapes is the perfect solution to your organization’s team building goals. In just 60 minutes; our fun, interactive, and immersive escape rooms encourage communication, release inhibitions, spark critical and innovative thinking, and increase productivity in teams of all backgrounds.

By utilizing humor, positivity, and recognized pop culture and historical references your team will not even realize they are increasing motivation, improving performance and setting the building blocks for success – all they will be thinking about is the game and how much fun they are having.

Work together — Build your team!

Hometown Escapes is an interactive and immersive adventure that will challenge your team in a race to beat the clock. This experience is a great resource for any organization looking to strengthen team dynamics and is perfect for new and tenured employees. Escaping a room is one of the most fun ways to learn about your co-workers and gain a better understanding of how to work together successfully. An escape room is also great for athletic teams, youth groups and/or birthday parties.